How Much Does Asbestos Testing Cost

Asbestos has been used in the industry for decades before we learned about the severe health risks it poses when disturbed. The hazardous asbestos-containing materials require extra care with demolition or renovation, as inhaling fibres can lead to asbestosis and mesothelioma. Asbestos is no joke, and it’s crucial to learn what you’ll do if you suspect you have it in your home. So, let’s put our safety hats on and explore what asbestos testing will cost you!

Why Asbestos Testing Matters

Picture this: You suspect your property might contain asbestos, and you start losing sleep faster than a koala with a caffeine addiction. Indeed, it’s only natural to worry about it with such health risks in mind. 

Asbestos testing could be the key to peace of mind. It’s a way to be sure if you have asbestos-containing materials in your property and allows you to plan how to deal with it. It’s essential to properly handle asbestos to protect the health, ensure compliance with local regulations, and ultimately facilitate potential property transactions.

Test reasonable suspicions and consult experienced contractors, especially with potentially disturbed asbestos. Remember, spending money on testing is better than removing materials based on a hunch or living in a home with asbestos!

Who Tests Asbestos-Containing Materials in Australia

Licenced laboratories across Australia are here to help. NATA-accredited labs have the expertise and equipment to analyse asbestos-containing materials and provide accurate results. The National Association of Testing Authorities ensures these labs meet stringent quality standards and follow proper testing procedures. 

NATA website features a directory of labs the organisation accredits to make finding one in your area easier. Safe Work Australia is a commonly recognised organisation that provides policy guidance across the country, and it may be a good idea to get in touch with the local outpost in search of your preferred lab as well. 

Do the Prices Vary?

Let’s talk about the numbers you came here for, shall we? Of course, prices vary greatly and depend on factors like number of samples, sample size, and your location. To get an exact quote, you should get in touch with an asbestos removal contractor or a lab directly. 

With that in mind, we must note the New South Wales government states on its official website that NATA-accredited laboratories charge between $40 and $140 per sample. This information may be outdated, though, and it would be more realistic to set the range between $100 and $300 at the moment. 

You can expect to pay around $150 for an average asbestos testing sample, which makes it important to test reasonable suspicions and work with experienced contractors.

Finding Guidance and Additional Resources

Fear not, for the Australian government has your back and provides more accurate details on dealing with asbestos! You can find a wealth of information on accredited laboratories and asbestos-related resources on the official website, including guides, fact sheets, and even hotlines for burning questions. 

Additionally, NATA and Safe Work Australia both offer great input to point you in the right direction. Both have educational materials and valuable resources bound to help you learn more about asbestos and handle it properly.

What's Your Next Step?

So, you’ve got the results and surprise, surprise, asbestos is confirmed in your building. No need to panic! Reputable asbestos removal contractors are available to lend a hand. You should seek professionals who specialise in safe and proper removal procedures to handle it with no harm to you or the environment.

Expert contractors will have the knowledge and experience to handle asbestos safely, ensuring it's removed from your property before renovation or demolition. Indeed, asbestos is not your best pick for a DIY project, and it's best left to the professionals.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with asbestos timely and adequately is crucial to safeguard our health, and testing is an instrumental bit. While it may seem pricey on occasion, asbestos testing allows us to make informed decisions and take appropriate steps. 

So, don’t hesitate and be proactive as you make your home an asbestos-free zone, especially if it’s likely to be disturbed. Get in touch with professionals to set up the right precautions and remove asbestos as soon as possible if tests come back positive.