Plant Hire

It’s all about maximising speed, success, and ultimately profits with your next project. Hiring pieces of machinery can make all the difference in both the short and long run, with ultimate cost-efficiency on display.

There are reportedly over 90,000 machines available for hire from 7,000 suppliers across Australia. Keep reading and see how Hives Demolition and Excavation stands out in such a busy market.

Hives Demolition & Excavation has a long history in the demolition and civil industry, with a focus on asbestos removal more recently as well. It’s been only natural to offer such services and do it our way – timely, cost-efficient, and with no hiccups.

What We Do At Hives Demolition

We recognised an ever-growing need for plant hire in Newcastle and along the Central and North Coast of New South Wales. With that in mind, here’s what our company has to offer.

We provide wet plant hire services.

Hives Demolition is a long-standing brand and we take care of it as such. However, we welcome new challenges and wet hire services certainly provide fresh takes regardless of the experience you boast. We offer heavy-duty machines with drivers and operators, including:

6 Wheeler Tipper Truck wet hire

Perfect to transport materials to and from the site, as well as light earthmoving. We use it for demolition clearing but our experienced drivers will step up regardless of what your project entails.


Truck & Dog wet hire

Hauling in bulk? No problem. Both residential and commercial construction works need that extra volume on occasion, which makes our truck and dog a perfect solution. Debris, bulk stone, or soil – we’re used to heavy lifting.

Excavator wet hire

The excavator must be one of the first plant items we’ve seen at Hives Demolition years ago, and our experienced operators will make it a breeze to fully utilise it on the site. It’s a perfect fit if you’re digging, lifting, or looking to boost your demolition project.


Loader wet hire

Speaking of speeding it up on-site, loaders are essential for medium to large-scale projects. If you expect a lot of debris, hiring a loader may prove your best bet as you look to minimise manual work and maximise efficiency.

How We Do It

As with anything at Hives Demolition & Excavation, we keep to principles we find important and always look to provide quality service. This means being on the lookout for the clients’ needs and working hard to satisfy them. Here’s what we focus on.

A range of solutions for your next project.

Whether it’s your first plant hire or you are expanding into NSW, we look to provide a range of quality solutions and we constantly build on the offer. This means high-quality equipment and heavy-duty machinery that’s been tried and tested, as well as professionals bound to make your next project easier.

We deal with professionals only.

If we work with a lab or a hauling company for one reason or another, we always make sure they are professionals sharing our views on quality, straightforwardness, and punctuality. We aim to provide flawless service and we look for the same from our partners. This makes for an important aspect of our business and pays off with sensitive projects.

Optimum condition guaranteed.

With years of experience in the demolition and civil industry, we know how important the condition of hired construction equipment can be. We guarantee plant and equipment in optimum conditions as we help move your project along with ease of mind and absolutely no hiccups.

Fast delivery.

In a competitive market, you just don’t want to push deadlines and you especially don’t want to do it for someone else’s fault. Hives Demolition delivers on a promise of fast delivery, even with last-minute wet hires with no extra costs. We are there with you to provide support, licensed and trained to respond regardless of the timeframe or project size.

Top-notch customer service.

As many of our customers will testify, Hives Demolition focuses on top-notch customer service. With that in mind, we hold to the same principles with wet hires and operators will show off our standards day in and day out. We treat your clients as our own, focused on the end result you are aiming for.

Looking for more information, read our ultimate guide to Plant hire Vs Buying.

How You Can Get in Touch

Hives Demolition is based in Tuggerah, NSW. We’ve been providing services in Newcastle, Central Coast, and North Coast for years already. If you decide you want extra firepower on your next project, you can contact us via e-mail or the phone number seen below.

Our management will quickly get back to you to let you know about our availability and rates. Hives Demolition boasts flexibility and we are always open to working out the details, with both short and long-term projects in mind.

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